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Q: When do I pay for my flowers?

A: You pay for your flowers when you pick them up at your designated Costco location during regular Costco business hours.  Purchasing a floral request is like purchasing anything else at Costco and must follow all payment rules that Costco has. There are no shipping or handling fees, only applicable tax.  To calculate your total (before tax), please use the pricing in the left-hand column in red at the top of each pricing category.  Your email confirmation will not contain a total price, your total bill (including tax) will be given to you at Costco upon pickup.  This information can also be found on the ordering page of the website directly above the Submit button.

Q: When can I pick up my flowers?

A: You can pick up your flowers anytime during regular Costco business hours on your designated pickup date.  Deliveries are made in the morning; as soon as Costco is open to the public on your designated date, you can pick your flowers up.  Please contact your Costco directly for their business hours.  KMS Floral Request Hotline business hours are 8am- 3pm (Pacific), Mon. through Fri. 

Q: Where inside my Costco warehouse do I go to pick up the flowers that I have requested?

A: Go to the flower kiosk and speak with the Kendal floral merchandiser. If no Kendal floral merchandisers are available at the time of your visit, you can ask any Costco employee to help you get your flowers.  They will be in Special Order boxes with your name on them, typically in a back cooler.

Q: How do I know if my internet request went through?

A: As soon as you click the Submit button on the site, you should receive a pop-up window with an order number as well as an automatic email with an order number. If you do not receive either of these, it means the order was not submitted (please be sure to check your Junk and Spam folders as well). We recommend using Modzilla Firefox or Google Chrome as Internet Explorer does not work very well. We also recommend ordering on a desktop or laptop, not a phone or tablet.

Q: Can somebody else pick my flowers up for me?

A: Yes, somebody else can pick your flowers up for you. They need to know what name the order is under and they need to have their own Costco membership.  Having a print out of the email confirmation from an internet order is also a good idea.

Q: How long will Costco hold my flowers?

A: Costco can hold the flowers overnight for one night, however, it is recommend to pick them up on the day they are delivered.  If you are going to leave your flowers overnight, please contact your Costco directly on the designated delivery date and let them know to hold them until the following day.

Q: How long will the flowers typically last?

A: The life of the flowers depends upon many variables – the most important are hydration and temperature. Flowers that are well hydrated and not placed in a warm environment can last approximately 5-7 days.  Most customers pickup their flowers 1 to 2 days prior to their event.  Certain flowers tend to last a bit longer than others (i.e Poms, Alstro, Mini Carns).

Q: What can I do to make my flowers last as long as possible?

A: Keep flowers in clean water and in a cool, dry place. If you remove flowers from water to arrange them, make sure that you give the stems a fresh cut before placing them back into clean water. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. It is NOT recommended to store flowers in a personal food refrigerator.  Do not store flowers in a place where the temperature will go below 32 degrees (freezing) Fahrenheit.

Q: Which flower types tend to have the longest vase life out of refrigeration?

A: Flowers that tend to last the longest and are the hardiest are things like Mini Carnations, Pompons, Alstroemeria and Spider Mums. Some of the more delicate and fragile flowers are Hydrangea, Gerbera and Lavender Roses. Roses in general hold up well, however, heat, direct sunlight and moisture on the petals can shorten the vase life of roses considerably.

Q: How do the flowers come?  Do they come in water?

A: Yes, bulk flowers and mixed bouquets are stored in buckets of water and placed into shipping boxes (approx. 2.5' tall by 1.5' wide).  Typically 1 pack of flowers is equivalent to 1 box.  Table Arrangements are in vases already with water in them in a roughly 1.5' square box without a lid to avoid the tops of the arrangements being smashed.  It is not recommend to stack any floral request boxes on top of each other.   Boxes are marked as a special order with customer name on them.  Floral food packets are attached to each order and the water they are shipped in already contains the preservative.  Buckets do not need to be returned.  Flowers are in bunches like you see them in Costco and the flowers are cleaned about halfway down the stems.

Q: Do the flowers come open/bloomed?

A: It depends on the flower - some flowers are already fully open (i.e. Spider Mums and Hydrangea) while others will need a day or two to open up (i.e. Roses and Alstro). Lilies and sunflowers may require a few days to fully open. Hydration and temperature also affect the rate of opening - the warmer it is the faster they will open. Too much heat can wilt and kill your flowers.  Roses typically will have some guard petals (the outtermost petals on the bloom) still attached to help protect them while in transit - you can either remove the guard petals or leave them on, it is a personal preference.

Q: Are the flowers okay to be put on cakes and other food?

A: We do not recommend putting the flowers or their petals on food that is to be consumed.

Q: Can I specify the color of Roses or Grower Bunch that I want?

A: You can specify a color, such as red or white, but you cannot specify an exact shade (ie: ivory or deep red) or variety (ie: Freedom Roses).  We do our best to fill an entire order with the same shade, however, very large requests (multiple packs of the same color) may require several shades of the color selection.  We do not offer any bi-colored or variegated colors for floral requests.  We only offer the colors listed on the ordering page of, unfortunately we do not offer all the colors that you may see in your local Costco (ie: Green, Coral, Peach are not available).  We only offer the colors that we can guarantee and that we can get in large quantities.

Q: Can I mix flowers and colors?

A: Because we specialize in bulk flowers, we can only allow one type of flower and one color selection per pack.

Q: Can I customize the arrangements and bouquets?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to customize or alter the arrangements or mixed bqts. We only offer the ones that are shown on our website and these do change seasonally.  We dot offer all the arrangements or bouquets that you see available in store - these changes weekly and cannot be pre-ordered.  We only offer the ones that are listed on the site for special order.  We do not offer the larger arrangements for special order - only the ones in the clear glass cube vase.

Q: Are there more items available for the floral request bulk program other than what I see on the website?

A: We continually update the website to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding availability, color, price and stem count. Everything that we are currently offering is listed on the site.

Q: I see other items at my Costco, can I request any item or color that I see at Costco?

A: As the floral request program is a bulk order program, we only offer items that we can guarantee in large quantities.  Not all items or colors that you see in your local Costco are available continually or in large amounts, therefore they are not offered for this particular program.  However, you can always supplement your floral request with product available at your local Costco.

Q: Do I have to take all of the flowers that I requested?

A: Yes. You must take and purchase all of the flowers that you requested- they have been sent specifically for you in addition to that location's regular shipment.

Q: What if I do not like the flowers once I see them?

A: You can exchange your flowers only if we deliver the wrong color (not a specific shade within a color), the wrong flower type, if the wrong quantity is delivered or if your flowers are of inferior quality.

Q: How do I make changes to my floral request?

A: You can either reply to your email confirmation with the changes you want to make or you can call the 888/ 828-9785 hotline and leave a voicemail on prompt #4.  All changes must be made 7 business days prior to your pickup date.  Changes include increases, decreases, cancellations, date changes, location changes and color changes.

Q: How far in advance do I need to place a request?

A: We require a minimum of 9 straight days (7 business days) advance notice. For example, if you are looking for a pickup day of Friday, the floral request will have to be completed by Wednesday of the preceding week.  Requests made more than 30 days in advance are not accepted due to seasonal availability.  Please also note that we have blackout periods during major floral holidays (please see question below re: blackout periods.)  Most customers choose a pickup date 1 to 2 days prior to their event.  Please note- some items (such as lilies) take longer to open up and other items (such as hydrangea) should not be purchased very far in advance of the event date.

Q: What is a “Blackout Period”?

A: A Blackout Period is a time during which no floral requests can be picked up. We ship extra product to the Costco warehouses for the holidays and because of this we cannot accommodate special requests during these times. You can always pick from the flowers that are available at your local warehouse, but you cannot pick up a special request during a Blackout Period.

Q: Re: Blackout Periods: what times of the year am I unable to pickup a floral request through KMS Floral at Costco?

A: During specific holidays we are unable to accommodate bulk floral requests.  Blackout periods are for about two weeks leading up to a holiday and the days immediately following the holiday.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter: Blackout periods are roughly about TEN days before the holiday and the day(s) immediately following the holiday.

Mother's Day and Valentine's Day: Blackout periods are roughly about TWO WEEKS before the holiday and the day(s) immediately following the holiday.

***For the specific dates of a blackout period, please see the Blackout Calendar on the Order-Online page.

Q: What if there is a problem?

A: Please call our Floral Hotline at 1-888-828-9785 and select Prompt #4 to leave a message. Please include your name, phone number, warehouse location and a description of the problem that you are having.  If you ordered online, including your order number is also beneficial.  Or you can send an email to

Q: Do I need to be a Costco member?

A: Yes, a Costco membership is required to purchase flowers at the Costco warehouse through KMS Floral. As KSM Floral is a vendor through Costco, purchasing flowers is like purchasing anything else at Costco and does require a Costco membership and must follow all Costco payment rules. All floral requests must be picked up and purchased at Costco.

Q: Why can't I just pay for my flowers online?

A: As a Costco member, you have an opportunity to request bulk flowers via our Floral Request Hotline (1-888-828-9785) or online ( for pickup and purchase at specific Costco warehouse locations. Our kmsfloral website is a tool for placing those requests, not an e-commerce website. We do not take billing, shipping or payment information from our customers. Our website allows Costco members to place a floral request, indicating the flower type, color and quantity that you would like delivered to a specific Costco location. It also allows you to agree to a specific date when you will pickup and purchase your flowers.  All payment is made at the Costco upon pickup - there are no shipping or handling fees, only applicable tax.

Q: Is this program affiliated with

A: This program is completely separate from Each program offers different items at different prices and they each have their own means of delivery and payment.  KMS Floral and are not the same program.  While KMS Floral provides the flowers that you see in the Costco warehouse, we have no affiliation with

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